Use of the "Bookmarking" Feature

  • Due to the intricate nature of our forum discussions, regular users probably will find themselves wanting to "bookmark" particular items to come back to them later. The forum has long had such a function, but it was likely underused (I know I rarely used it myself) because it was the last item on the menu.

    I think I have also been confused because there is a bookmark item in the "notification" bar at the very top of most styles, but when you click that you only get a list of "shared" bookmarks, not your own. Your own bookmarks have a page to themselves, which is found by clicking on the "Bookmarks" menu, or they can also be accessed by clicking the "Display All" at the bottom of the dropdown after clicking the Icon.

    It finally occurs to me that the reason that the bookmark notification only highlights "shared" bookmarks is that it's a "notification" icon, and you don't need notification when you add your own bookmark - only when someone else "shares" a bookmark to the group or to you personally. I bet that was blindingly obvious to Martin H. - the forum software is from Germany and now that I think about it this operation is very logical, but it wasn't what I expected at first!

    Therefore in order to make the bookmarking feature more user-friendly, I have moved it to a more prominent position on the main/top menu where you can find it more easily.

    If anyone has any questions or suggestions about that let me know!