Pleasure slogans

  • As has come up in another thread, here is my list of pleasure slogans. This is most definitely a work in progress!!!

    The idea was inspired by the form, but not the content, of the Tibetan Buddhist “lojong slogans.” This is intended as both a learning tool and a practice tool.

    The slogans should be such that studying them in order would provide a fairly complete introduction to EP

    To do this, the slogans would need to be accompanied by relevant cites from the texts, as well as perhaps some commentary or questions to serve as an additional guide.

    As a practice tool, I’m finding that for me they’re best used by randomly picking one and “living with it” for a day, a few days, or as long as the slogan seems relevant. I’ve just been thinking about the chosen slogan as it pops into my head throughout the day. Other, possibly better options are to track down relevant texts (which would be valuable but I just can’t seem to put my mind to it) or, if one enjoys journaling, to write one’s thoughts about the chosen slogan.

    Regarding this particular list, all of the slogans are intentionally short, in modern English and most of them are not taken directly from the texts. They are divided between “theory” and “practice.” They’re probably a can of worms in that many of them make sense to me, but possibly not to anybody else. Having said that, I think that having an obscure one now and then stimulates a bit more thought and provides a new way of looking at an idea; at least that works for me. Also certain ones may make no sense at one point but be very useful at another.

    I’ve no idea how best to discuss these, which is part of the reason I haven’t broached them earlier. So to open a Pandora’s box, here they are:

  • 1) Follow pleasure.

    2) To follow pleasure is to follow the faculties.

    3) Knowledge comes through three faculties: senses, pattern recognition, and feelings of pleasure and pain.

    4) Balance the three faculties.

    5) Regard reason with suspicion if it is not grounded in the faculties.

    6) Sharpen the senses, increase the input.

    7) Maximize the quantity of input.

    8) Scrutinize all input.

    9) Clarity of input improves overall function.

    10) Pattern recognition is non-conscious cognition.

    11) Pattern recognition is a bridge from input to reaction.

    12) Open to your intuition.

    13) Observe the guidance of your pleasures and pains.

    14) Every pleasure is good, but not every desire: don't confuse the impulse with the faculty.

    15) Understand the motivation and consequences of all desires.

    16) Distinguish between utility and vanity.

    17) Every pleasure is good, but not always chosen.

    18) Every pain is bad, but not always avoided.

    19) The limit of pleasure is the absence of pain, but pursuing a negative will not lead to a positive.

    20) Pain is a faculty, experience it in its immediate fullness.

    21) Reflect on your fear, grief and hate, and how they prevent reaching the goal.

    22) Many pains are more than balanced by pleasure over time.

    23) Maintain attention to present experience and perception.

    24) Understand the implications of science.

    25) All there is is composed of matter-energy and void, as described by physics.

    26) The extent of the void is infinite.

    27) The quantity of matter-energy is infinite.

    28) Matter-energy is uncreatable and indestructible.

    29) All there is is infinite in time.

    30) Solid bodies are either compounds of matter-energy particles or simple matter-energy particles.

    31) Compound bodies have emergent properties described by physics.

    32) Life exists throughout the universe.

    33) Evolution takes patience.

    34) Contemplate how you came to be born at this time, in this corner of the universe.

    35) The faculties are emergent properties of living matter.

    36) Free will is an emergent property of living matter.

    37) There is nothing supernatural, no ideal realm, no “higher truth”.

    38) God will not punish you or save you.

    39) The soul is corporeal and begins and ends with the body.

    40) In this I live, and move, and have my being.

    41) Regularly experience awe.

    42) Live right, don't fear death, prepare to die.

    43) Living pleasurably requires living with prudence and virtue, and vice versa.

    44) At all critical times connect your actions to the natural goal of life.

    45) Success is abiding pleasure, happiness, contentment, peace.

    46) The goal is not neutral.

    47) Find pleasure in the journey.

    48) There is pleasure in self-sufficiency, safety and friendship.

    49) Periodically bask in joy.

    50) "Truth" and "Justice" arise from pattern recognition and are not absolutes.

    51) Justice is a covenant.

    52) Verification and lack of evidence to the contrary establishes truth, and vice versa.

    53) Carve out time for a hobby.

    54) Young or old, there’s no time like the present.

    55) Life is the greatest good: practice gratitude.

  • These are great!! Some resonate with me more than others but that’s the point!!

    I’ve started to give some thought to both slogans and techniques (a short method for dealing with a situation or such with EP).

    when I have some more content I’ll post.

    thanks for stepping out and posting these.