For New Users - A General Comment About Posting At EpicureanFriends

  • To all of our recent additions and long-time members, this is a reminder about posting in the group. While we do review all new thread-starting posts before approving them, our standards are not particularly strict. If you've read the welcome post and the background material posted here, then you know that we welcome questions and discussions about all aspects of Epicurean philosophy and how it compares with other philosophies, both in theory and in practice, and in virtually every aspect of life. The cautions you see in our rules are there only to make sure that we have a place here in Facebook for a positive view of how to live as an Epicurean that's based on what the Epicureans are actually have recorded to have said, rather than how apologists for him over the ages have made him look like a shy retiring wallflower.

    Many of you have probably not heard of Frances Wright's book "A Few Days In Athens," which is an early 18th century story about a visitor to Epicurus' school. I've been rereading that lately, along with some other material published by Wright. If any of you are concerned that being an Epicurean leads to disengagement with the world, or to a focus on fleeing from pain rather than actively pursuing whatever happiness in life might be available to you, I suggest you pick up her book, and then read about how Frances Wright spent the rest of her life applying her Epicurean views to actively pursuing all sorts of social Reform.

    There are numberless applications of Epicurean philosophy to real life issues. I still remember the day several years ago when a member of an online forum told me about A Few Days In Athens, about which I had never heard before. Discussion here can lead to life-changing points of view, so don' hesitate to suggest topics for discussion. You never know when something that might be old hat for you will be deeply interesting to someone who hasn't encountered it.

    Links where you can find A Few Days In Athens are here:

  • I wrote that last post for facebook but thought it would also be appropriate here too. And versions of it might be useful for posting other places, as appropriate.