Quick Updates on the Discord Server for Epicurean Philosophy

  • So last Sunday on 11/3/19 I spoke to Cassius in a group call about reviving Discord as a means to host an Epicurean community. I took the initiative to set one up and sent him the link, and from then on it has grown quite quickly.


    As of this writing, we have 26 users in the server, 22 if you do not count alt accounts, myself, the other bot, and the Epicurus Bot that I have been struggling to complete.

    I find that some of the text channels make for the most quickest and efficient method of answering & asking small questions instead of browsing google or the forums for a deeply embedded answer.

    Below are the channels, which include voice channels as well as links and text of some of the key sources available to us.

    One thing that we are discussing right now, is the possibility of a group call on the 20th of each month. We've posted our schedules in the 20th planning channel, and have also come to the conclusion that if nobody has the right schedule for the call, then we can have it on the closest date to the 20th in spirit.

    All in all, the Discord is very new and shows some high potential to keep expanding. I've already laid out some roles and perms for moderators to expedite things along if it keeps growing and becomes a large server.

    EDIT: Oh and one more thing, there are links included to two Facebook Groups (Epicurean Philosophy & Hiram's "Garden of Epicurus") as well as the page "Epicurean Touchpoints". A channel that has a bot automatically posting anything from the subreddit r/Epicureanism into the Discord. Including links to the forums here, and Robert Hanrott's daily blog at Epicurus.today with a disclaimer on the latter that he often writes about politics, that we understand but ultimately cannot endorse.

    “If the joys found in nature are crimes, then man’s pleasure and happiness is to be criminal.”