New Forum For Discussion of Movies / Books / Arts Which Pose Questions on Proper Pursuit of Pleasure

  • This is a new forum where you can post links to movies/books/artworks which you think pose interesting questions about how to pursue (or how not to pursue pleasure). The nature of these postings means that it probably is not realistic to expect quick replies, but a strength of the forum system is that people can find the post and reply to it months or years later. Feel free to post links to movie situations or other subjects you think are worth discussing. Please post a link to whether the artwork can be viewed if you can, and also describe the situation which you think is worthy of discussion. General posts to a particular movie won't be very helpful - please describe the scenario of interest.

    Discussion of Movies / Books / Artwork Posing Questions Related to Pursuit of Pleasure

    Please post new suggestions in that forum -- this thread is just for announcement of the opening of the forum, and any comment you might have about that.

  • I will post this note in the dedicated forum too:

    As I think more about this suggestion, I think a significant part of the benefit of a discussion of a particular scenario would come from being able to have a shared experience and then discuss the details of that experience.

    Of necessity sometimes we won't be able to accomplish this, but one way of accomplishing this would come from each person in the discussion having direct access to the movie / artwork and being able to point out particular moments for discussion.

    That is most possible on free sites containing public domain movies which can be streamed on demand for free.

    The site from which "Romanze in Moll" comes is one such site:'s free movies section:

    Another such site is "Free Classic"

    If you know of other such totally free streaming sites, please post those here.

    Of course many movies are directly accessible on Youtube.