A Practical Question About An Aspect of Politics That Matters

  • Over at another internet location, someone made a comment to the effect that "of the Greek philosophers, Epicurus (who advised his followers to "avoid politics") had gained the greatest political victory in the modern world."

    The writer was from Cambridge England.

    Here was my reply to him:

    To the Poster from Cassius:

    I see that you wrote that Epicurus gained the greatest political victory, and I also see that you are located in Cambridge. I've never been to England, so perhaps you can help me with a question I have. Suppose I decided to take a walk through downtown London, holding a big homemade sign that says:

    1 - Yahweh, Jesus, and Allah are Mickey Mouse Gods!

    2 - When you're dead, buddy, that's all she wrote, so forget heaven and hell!

    3 - Your "virtue" is worthless unless it brings pleasure!

    4 - Socrates was a liar, Plato was a faker, Aristotle was a wasted druggie, and Bertrand Russell was an ignorant boor!

    After an afternoon walking through London with that sign, would the reaction I received confirm for me that Epicurus had the greatest victory and rules the capital of one of the greatest cities in the modern world?

    What do you think?