Strodach (George) - "The Philosophy of Epicurus" and "The Art of Happiness"

  • Cassius

    Changed the title of the thread from “Strodach (George) - "The Philosophy of Epicurus"” to “Strodach (George) - "The Philosophy of Epicurus" and "The Art of Happiness"”.
  • Caution to readers of this book as to Strodach's personal attitude toward Epicurus:

    George Strodach: “Though based on the pleasure-pain principle, it [the life of the sectarian Epicurean] was not what we would ordinarily call a pleasant life. In Nietzche’s terms, it did not say YEA to life but NAY. It was largely negative, escapist, self-protective, and therapeutic. By withdrawing from the active concerns and responsibilities of the citizen, it remained socially and politically immature. These are the traits summed up by Gilbert Murray in his brilliant phrase “the failure of nerve.”” Introduction to “The Philosophy of Epicurus” / “The Art of Happiness.”