Will Epicurus and Pirrone save Europe?

  • The epiStoa association takes its name from the two major Hellenistic philosophical schools: that of Epicurus and the Stoa.

    epiStoa-300x123.jpg epiStoa, whose symbol is a Roman aqueduct, European Values and Languages - From Antiquity To Today.

    epiStoa is a European initiative to foster and promote European Values - human rights, democracy and the rule of law - and the impact of the Ancient Languages on modern Europe.

    For more information: http://epistoa.eu/

  • (1) Even before reading the article I am immediately suspicious of efforts to combine Epicurus and the stoa BUT

    (2) I immediately am very pleased to hear about postings on Epicuro.org being translated into English! Great news! ;-)

    (3) Now after checking out the page it seems to be very general, with not much in the way of detailed comment. And it looks perhaps most focused on the influence of the ancient languages.