Epicurus, Ionia and India.

  • Kojin Karatani’s “ Isonomia and the Origins of Philosophy” is a study of the Ionian world with particular attention being paid to its political aspects.

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    Can anybody recommend books that describe Epicurus’s revival of Ionian natural philosophy? Or just a good study or history of the Ionian world and thought.

    I already know Elizabeth Asmis – “Epicurus' Scientific Method”.

    What about books on the Indian influence on the Hellenistic world?

    This short, tantalizing blog entry is a comparative essay.


    But books such as Thomas McEvilley’s?

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    (1) Good questions - I have not heard of those books.

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  • This is all new to me and extremely interesting. Epicurus' Scientific Method seems hard to find, but there's an earlier paper by Asmis which looks like her student work which led to the book and can be downloaded at


    The beginning of her paper discusses Epicurus' Canon and seems to me to be a useful presentation of the subject. I've had particular difficulty grasping the Anticipations, largely I think because I haven't properly connected the Sensations, Feelings and Anticipations. She describes very clearly how the three are interdependent and used to measure each other in the process of inquiry. I find this quite illuminating, at least if I'm understanding it correctly :/

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