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  • Hiram

    Warning: disturbing content

    When possible, as a consumer/investor, I would like to make informed purchases and investments so as to not contribute to the harm and therefore be connected to the problem. Today, I read that Brunei legislated stoning as punishment for the so-called crimes that are people's sexual orientation and adultery. I don't understand how those are punishable or even considered crimes. I don't know how our governments even get away with having any affairs with the governments that commit such crimes against humanity. Now, I can't change the government but I can vote with my dollars, and unlike voting every four years, with my dollars I get the chance to vote everyday. So if I could know the products that are from such countries or companies that engage in such activities then I can steer clear of them and make better informed purchases/investments.

    The Canadian government, despite being so-called liberal, has sold billions of dollars of weapons to the Saudi regime. I wish the Canadian government has ethical guidelines in line with the UN declaration of Human Rights. For example, the Norwegian Sovereign State Fund has an ethical council to prevent against investment in companies that abuse human rights. I only wish the Canadian government thought to do the same.

    I'm not perfect and my ignorance or failure to research companies is one aspect that I'd like to improve. When buying products I'd like to know where they came from. Hiram you mentioned you're focusing on Epicurean Economics this year, have you looked into marketplace information on the ethical background of companies? When making purchases, I'd like to know I'm not involved in transactions that have the negative side-effect of harming others or enriching/empowering those who would harm others. There's fair-trade, sustainably harvested goods, but what about ensuring products produced/made by those who are ethically consistent with the UN declaration of human rights? In an age of information technology, why can't we expect or demand as individuals to have guidelines/info for better informed purchasing/investment decisions.



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  • Oscar I think you are right that the days of the free-market-libertarian "my money is as good as yours" approach are over. With the flood of information available to so many people we now see very clearly what is behind a particular product or service, and we know the political agendas of those with whom we deal.

    This is a two-edged sword and people of all political persuasions can play it, but I don't think there is any getting this sword back in its scabbard, and I doubt that would be a good idea if we could. We're all just going to have to deal with the ramifications of a free flow of information. I think the total result of that will be much for the good, and that this is going to assist everyone in applying the last two PD's.

    39. The man who best knows how to meet external threats makes into one family all the creatures he can; and those he can not, he at any rate does not treat as aliens; and where he finds even this impossible, he avoids all dealings, and, so far as is advantageous, excludes them from his life.

    40. Those who possess the power to defend themselves against threats by their neighbors, being thus in possession of the surest guarantee of security, live the most pleasant life with one another....

  • Thank you Cassius. I'm writing a blog post for Hiram about this topic. I will discuss it from the context of the PD to the world we live in today with information technology.

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