Has anyone read St. Paul & Epicurus by NW?

  • Yes I have Oscar, and the full text is available online at Epicurism.info at this link:


    This book is more limited in interest than DeWitt's "Epicurus and His Philosophy" but it contains a lot of good analysis and citations to places in the "New Testament" which may possibly be referring to Epicurus.

    I'm not entirely convinced that there is as much to this bridge / transition thesis as Norman DeWitt makes it out to be. in fact you could probably take his same cites and add them into the argument that Wiker makes in the "Moral Darwinism" book as evidence that Epicurus and Christianity are from the beginning and forever at war with each other.

    But to repeat all my prior comments, I think DeWitt is hugely perceptive on Epicurus so no doubt there are matters of parallel development here that support DeWitt's view.

    To me, this book is probably of most interest to people who are well-versed in New Testament details and will enjoy seeing how Epicurus may indeed have a / the "Antichrist" to the early Christians, with such references as the "Prince of Power of Air."

    Perhaps this book is also a personal attempt to reconcile Epicurus with Christianity, if DeWitt personally was a Christian, but unfortunately I know nothing about DeWitt personally, so I just take the book on its own merits.

  • I am reading it right now, because I am smack in the middle of the Bible Belt in Alabama, and the newly deconverted/ new atheists like to talk about things like this. I figure that knowing some of the possibilities is a good conversation starter for them and then --- hahaha-- I will bring on Epicurus!