2030 is close

  • In 2030 will be 2300 years since Epicurus established his Garden in Athens. Are we planing something special for this? A Wordwide meeing of all the Epicureans for exemple?
    I think it will be great!

  • That is a great idea. I know that there are two groups in Greece that hold regular live meetings. At the moment we really do not have any in the USA. Are you aware of any local groups in Italy or other areas?

  • I'm trying to setup an Epicurean Festival in Italy.
    I have a lot of epicurean friends in Italian, but we are not a group. We are working on it.

  • I think a gathering of American Epicureans is a great idea. I would hope that we could get together before 2030 though!

  • No way we wait til 2030! It's been far too long a wait already. Surely by the end of 2020 at the very latest we can pull together something.

    Talking to Michele today has reminded me that we need to pull together some kind of method for identifying where people are so we can work on finding mutually-workable locations.

    Long ago I put together a section of the forum here to be divided geographically, but I bet we can do much better. Currently: Regional Epicurean Groups and Activities

    I bet there this a way to do this graphically and make it into a feature of the forum. Presumably google maps or some other free service has a facility to pull allow people to mark themselves on a map and then provide a continuously-updated summary graphic. That we people could get an idea of how close they might be to pulling off a regional meeting. A sort of Epicurean Registry, but with good security and confidentiality to allow people to sign up without giving out their detailed person information.

    If anyone knows such a thing, please let me know -- I will go looking myself in the meantime.

  • Yes definitely, if you think they are Ok with the publicity. I try to be very careful of the privacy of people so I try never to post anything without the permission of the people involved. But definitely it would be ideal to come up with a reference map with locations and points of contact.

  • Yes, you are right, privacy is important. We can do something like "group in build" for people that would like to create a group in their city or state.

  • I need to find some kind of mapping / aggregation tool that hppefully allows people to create their own anonymous sign-in. I am pretty sure this forum itself does not offer it, but I will look.

  • Hi Michele, that's a lovely idea. We're also working on a gathering here in North America, slowly but surely. The only issue in North America is that distances are vast and public transportation is cumbersome...I've visited Europe and enjoyed the well-connected and fast rail network that connects cities.

    Once my exams are over, I intend on spending my time over the month of May to contribute in this area, at least for North America.

    Outside of NA, I anticipate I'll be travelling to Asia, Central America and Europe to visit friends although my all major travel plans are currently scheduled for 2026.

    Hopefully by then Epicureans in Asia, Central America and Europe are well-established and host regular events for their respective Epicurean communities.

    Joy to the World!