Brad's Outline of Epicureanism 3-2019

  • Nature of the Universe

    1. Atoms and Void, eternally existent.

    2. Nothing comes from Nothing

    3. Atomic Swerve accounts for universes and planets and life getting started.

    4. Many Worlds and Many galaxies exist.

    Nature of Knowledge

    1. Senses

    2. Perception of Pleasure and Pain


    1. No "Ideals"

    2. So called "good traits" or "virtue" are means to pleasure. Not ideals to strive for.

    3. Free will

    4. Because of Free will engage in hedonic calculus.

    Well, here it is. Elementary at best.

  • Elementary but a very good start! It's interesting to see what people think of to list at the very beginning of their thought processes about an outline.

    I relate this in my mind to discussions I see when people talk about other philosophers and say that they were "essentially Epicurean." The question of "what is essential" and what is not is a very interesting one.

    One aspect i don't see mentioned is the death is nothing to us / death is the end of our consciousness aspect. Something on that would be good to add.

    And then perhaps some further explanation of what is meant by "pleasure...."

    Those two -- death and the meaning of pleasure -- are among the most contentious areas.

  • Death is just that. Death. Worm food.

    Pleasure is being free of pain. I prefer higher pleasures, but I also enjoy a nice can of PBR with friends at a bar.