Plato's Cave Animation -- Watch, And Be Revolted!

  • Has everyone here seen this? It is super-critical. If you haven't seen it, watch, and be revolted! (And better yet, revolt and join Epicurus!)

  • I was having a conversation with a friend about all this earlier today, and I realized something I should have seen years ago: probably the best way to start explaining the philosophy of Epicurus would be to show this video, and to also show two other videos, one from Timaeus on the nature of the universe as divine, and one from Philebus on Plato's objection to pleasure as the ultimate guide to life. That would provide a good foundation for then beginning to explain Epicurus' response in each of the three main areas of philosophy (epistemology, physics, and ethics). I wish there were equivalent videos on Timaeus and Philebus -- in the absence of them they will need to be created.

  • Ok,

    True story. I read Plato. I vomited. He made me physically ill. I have an aversion to Plato.

    The cave thing sounds like a bad acid trip.