Frederick the Great's Statue Incorporating Lucretius Motif

  • A friend asked me about something we have discussed here before, but I can't remember the resolution: Did we ever locate a picture of the statue which Frederick the Great had prepared of Phoebus Apollo holding a copy of Lucretius? Also, how do we translate the section that Frederick chose to inscribe on the book - "te socium studeo scribundis versibus esse, quos ego de rerum natura pangere conor" -- It is a part but not exactly what is translated here by Munro.

    If anyone has pictures please let me know. Martin, I can't remember if you were here for this discussion before. It might have been Uwe with whom I remember discussing this. (That exhausts my list of known German members of our group, but I bet there are others ;-) )

  • “Apollo” (François Sigisbert Adam), Marble Hall of Sanssouci Palace:


    The inscription „Te Sociam Studeo Scribundis Versibus Esse, Quos Ego De Rerum Natura Pangere Conor“ is rendered in English as “Thee do I crave co-partner in that verse which I presume on Nature to compose”.

    In front of Apollo there is a Venus Urania, by the same author:


  • Cassius

    Changed the title of the thread from “Frederick the Great's Statue With Lucretius” to “Frederick the Great's Statue Incorporating Lucretius Motif”.