Growth Through Sharing Graphics / Memes

  • I think one way to generate more and better quality visitors would be to encourage sharing of the graphics we've created (or will create) that illustrate the Principal Doctrines and the Vatican Sayings. We probably ought to make a habit of posting one per day, or every couple of days, as a regular feature, for discussion. We can add some kind of legend to the bottom back to the forum, and encourage sharing on places like Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, etc.

    In order to do that I'm trying to organize the graphics that Elli has done in the past in the gallery. I think I can tag each graphic, and also create a thread in the forum section dedicated to each graphic.

    The place to start is PD1 and I'll move forward as fast as I can. But in order to see if it will help to post this, does anyone have good graphics for PD1 that they can add to this thread? Then I'll make sure it gets in the right place for reuse.

    As soon as we get the first couple of doctrines in line I'll start a regular series of regular posts.

  • We've been working on a couple to illustrate PD1 and should be ready to start a series of posts soon. Here is the text I am thinking of using with each graphic. Suggestions for improvements?

    "Please comment and share. Can you compose a graphic that would better illustrate this Epicurean point? Please add your own version to this thread, and we will use these in the future to help spread the ideas of Epicurus on the internet."

  • pasted-from-clipboard.pngOver the coming weeks we'll make a series of posts with graphics illustrating each of the Principal Doctrines of Epicurus. This post is just an announcement of the series and an explanation that it would be great if those who see these posts think about how they might create versions themselves. For anyone who does that we will add their version to a gallery at which will be available for us to use in the future to illustrate each of the doctrines.

    We would also like to see these graphics shared outside the group as a way to introduce new people to Epicurean philosophy. That means that if you compose and submit graphics it would be best to use pictures for which there are unlikely to be copyright complaints. Pictures of old artwork long in the public domain would be best, but anything you create yourself would be even better.

    The point is both to encourage discussion about the substance of the doctrine in each post, and also to think about visualizations of how the substance translates into things we can see for ourselves.

    A gallery of all the Principle Doctrine memes will be at the link below, which will grow as we go through each one.