On the "Real Hedonism" Approach

  • HIram has brought the "Real Hedonism" website to my attention, and I am posting this link, but not with an endorsement. In my view, their approach is a total dead end. Am I happy to see websites or individuals embrace "pleasure" as the goal of life? Yes. Do I think it will do them any good without first studying the nature of life and religion and the universe and clear thinking, as Epicurus taught? No I don't. There's a good reason why the ancient Epicureans referred to themselves as "Epicureans," and not as "hedonists." The "pleasure is good enough" approach will meet the same end as all others who don't take the time to study the full picture. And indeed, by that kind of reasoning, converting to Islam and pursuing eternal pleasure would be a perfectly valid approach.

    Rather than dish up empty assertions, contrast what you read there to what the Epicureans saw in Epicurus:

    "Indeed mankind, in wretched bondage held, lay groveling on the ground, galled with the yoke of what is called Religion; from the sky this tyrant shewed her head, and with grim looks hung over us poor mortals here below; until a man of Greece with steady eyes dared look her in the face, and first opposed her power. Him not the fame of Gods nor thunder’s roar kept back, nor threatening tumults of the sky; but still the more they roused the active virtue of his aspiring soul, as he pressed forward first to break thro’ Nature's scanty bounds. His mind’s quick force prevailed; and so he passed by far the flaming limits of this world, and wander’d with his comprehensive soul o’er all the mighty space; from thence returned triumphant; told us what things may have a being, and what cannot; and how a finite power is fixed to each; a bound it cannot break; and so Religion, which we feared before, by him subdued, we tread upon in turn; his conquest makes us equal to the Gods."


    The "Real Hedonism" website: https://realhedonism.squarespace.com/