General Commentary - Doctrine 1

  • "What is complete and independent neither itself has troubles nor hands any over to another, therefore it is not wrapped up in tempers or favors- because everything of that sort exists in what is imperfect."

    Regarding weakness/imperfection, Philodemus directly connects human weakness with our need for friendship. While discussing the importance of mutual friendship (ἡ συμφυλία) he says that generosity is necessary:

    "...ἀμέλει δὲ καὶ ἐφ' ἡμῶν τῶν ἀσθενῶν

    καὶ προσδεομένων πρὸς τὰ χρειώδη τῆς φιλίας"

    "...particularly for us who are imperfect/weak and

    and in need also of the necessary things that come from friendship"

    De Dis (Book 3), PHerc second paragraph, beginning half way through line 5 (….v001.0081.a.01.hires.jpg)

    Mελετᾶν οὖν χρὴ τὰ ποιοῦντα τὴν εὐδαιμονίαν.

    It is necessary to study what produces wellbeing.