A Proposal To Set Up An Audio Question / Answer Program

  • It would be helpful in support of a number of projects to put together a series of audio question / answer programs on various issues relating to Epicurus. I would therefore like to ask anyone who would be interested in that to record an MP3 audio of their question. I'm talking about a single question on a single issue, so no longer than a minute or two in length. I will work up my own audio answer, and ask for others of our regulars here to record an answer from their Epicurean perspective. The trick here is that we start with the question, then I'll collect recorded answers, and then I'll record a master track and edit it all together into a Q-A session. The finished product should be much more organized than if we tried to get multiple people on a single Skype session all trying to talk at one time.

    I'm talking about general questions such as any of our new members would post, recorded in audio form. If you'll record the question, then I'll record a response, collect responses from others, then I'll pull all the recordings into a finished program on that topic.

    Anyone interested in giving that a try? If so please send me an MP3 of your question either to Cassius@Epicureanfriends.com or my personal Facebook message account.


  • Cassius

    Changed the title of the thread from “A Proposal To Set Up An Audio Questions / Answer Program” to “A Proposal To Set Up An Audio Question / Answer Program”.