Cassius' Ebooks

  • Thanks to Tyler for pointing out to me that one of my ebooks was being bootlegged on Amazon Kindle. Five or six years ago when I was much earlier in my studying, I compiled several ebooks so that I would have the material well formatted for my personal use on my handheld devices. I wanted to make them available to others, but I found that unless I placed them "for sale" for at least a nominal charge, I couldn't get them listed at either Amazon or Smashwords. That's why they appear in most cases for free or at most for 99 cents.

    Today Tyler pointed out to me that someone had generated a compilation of two of them under the name "Against the Men of the Crowd" and was charging $8.99 for it. That's not me and I am checking into that with Amazon. All the material in that epub is available elsewhere.

    All my epubs are available on Smashwords at the link below. As soon as I can find the time I will go through these listings and update them, and generate a place where they can be downloaded for free. I had such a link at but I suspect the links are out of date.

    Maybe one day when I have the time I will write something more "formal" and put it out on the stores for a more normal price. But for now I think the material in the existing epubs is still useful, so if you have any trouble locating an epub that you want from me, just let me know.

    I see that for some reason my two epic ( ;) - that's a joke) Catius Cat poems are listed at Smashwords for 99c Not that for those the full text is available for free at

  • Updating this thread -- try this link at Smashwords, and if any of them require a charge, let me know -- all should be free:

    Cassius Amicus
    My goal is to study and promote the philosophy of Epicurus. If you would like to participate in this work, don't hesitate to contact me at…

    As indicated above the only reason some had a charge associated with them at any point is that I could not figure out a way to get them on the Kindle platform and listed at amazon without a nominal charge.