On Enemies of the Human Race

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    A poster:

    Just remember that the Hebrew word for 'heretic' is 'אפיקורוס' or 'Epikoros'. This author of this blog (referenced here) is much more favorable to Epicureans than many I've read.

    For example, according to the Catholic Encyclopedia, Epicurean Philosophy "stands for a refined and calculating selfishness [...] a [...] principle, but one which he wrongly applied, since he got rid of what was true [...] The whole philosophy may well be described in a trenchant phrase of Macaulay as 'the silliest and meanest of all systems of natural and moral philosophy'.

    These are some of the shittiest ways of saying 'Epicureans just wanna have fun' I'm come across. [http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/05500b.htm]



    Well. There's a solid billion human beings who (blindly, or otherwise) follow a system that maintains that our outlook is both 'silly' and 'mean'.

    Fair enough. I think their system is 'cruel' and 'brutal'. Early proto-Catholic in-fighting, and persecution of Arianists and Chalcedonians, violent crusades against Catharists, vicious wars between Catholics and Protestants, marginalization of Calvinists, persecution of Mormons ... and that's just sectarian in-fighting between people who all believe in Jesus and an afterlife. Not to mention their treatment of Jews and Muslims, who also believe in transcendental powers and an afterlife.

    They don't know what to do with us. 😆

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    Here is a a clip from that page, with a phrase we all know, but which is increasingly significant to me:


    And that does not necessarily mean simply what we see, touch, taste, hear, or smell. Because PLEASURE and PAIN are feelings, and our minds
    process those feelings, yes in part based on current senses, but also on what we have experienced in the past.

    I believe this means that "all good and evil" are in our emotional feelings / reactions to life. Not in simply the data that our senses present to us, but in our FEELINGS about that data.

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    Death is the end not only of what we see and taste and hear and feel, it is also the end of our consciousness' ability to FEEL ***anything***

    pleasurable or painful.

    Life without feeling - STOICISM - is a living death. And that is what some philosophers, some religions, some people - really want - slaves - a living death! They want us to be ROBOTS. You might as well call Abrahamism and Stoicism with this name: ROBOTISM. They can consider us heretics, I will consider them traitors to the human race - enemies of the human race.

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