Every Instance of "Ataraxia," "Eudaemonia," and "Tranquilatas" in a Core Epicurean Text

  • I am starting this thread to compile a list of every time the words Ataraxia, Eudaemonia, and Tranquiitas appear in a core Epicurean text. This will give us a good list by which to compare and study the way these words were actually used by the ancient Epicureans, as opposed to the way we today *believe* they were used. Please feel free to contribute instances, preferable in the form of:

    Passage (quote in English from the passage using the term, and citing who the translator is), Reference Work (Letter to Menoeceus, etc) and cite (line or other reference number to aid in finding the original Greek or Latin.

    When this thread develops enough entries, I will create a wiki page where this will be easiest to find in the future.

  • Cassius

    Changed the title of the thread from “Every Instance of "Ataraxia,"" Eudaemonia" and "Tranquilatas" in a Core Epicurean Text” to “Every Instance of "Ataraxia," "Eudaemonia," and "Tranquilatas" in a Core Epicurean Text”.