Welcome Bradley.Whitley!

  • Salvete Omnes!

    I am a 38 year old history teacher that is trying very hard to live a life in accordance to nature. The Stoics and Platonists got to me, and then I discovered Epicurus. Epicurus makes sense. With Epicurus, I find myself at ease. I am learning, and I tend to listen to my teachers and soak in their wisdom. Deprogramming and reprogramming takes awhile so bear with me,

    With gratitude,


  • Glad to have you Brad and thanks for the Latin greeting! I am afraid my foreign language skills are very poor, but what classes I had in the distant past were in Latin, so that gives me a slightly closer personal feel when I read Lucretius rather than many of the other texts. At the very least I can usually go through a passage in Lucretius and get the idea whether the translator has the right sentence or some error has happened and some entirely different passage is translated! Anyway welcome to the forum!

  • Welcome Brad!