"The Seven Dire Wounds" - Dimitri Liantinis - Translated by Elli Pensa


    In our time the seven dire wounds are the seven deadlocks, which brought us opposite the abnormal treatment and ignoring the command-warning as described of Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

    It is the demographic, ecological, the imperialist, the nuclear, the religious, the notional, the totalitarian deadlock of the modern world.

    Demographically the population of Earth is increased and it is unbearable. Ten thousand people on Earth in 20,000 BC, forty million in 2500 BC, three hundred and fifty million in the records of Octavian August. One billion in 1801 AC, two billion in 1930, three billion in 1960, four billion in 1975, five billion in 1987. We will eat one another in cities-ant hills.

    The human breath is deadly for mankind, says Rousseau. And unfortunately we cannot find space with new settlements and new migrations. These days for a spaceship to reach for A’ Century, the nearest place possible, in distance 4.2 light-years, according to data of modern technology, we have to travel non-stop for forty-nine thousand years.

    Ecologically the air is contaminated, the water and the seas are contaminated, the land that nourishes us is infected, even “fire” is infected, the fourth element, and the most pure. It became a neutron bomb and it can eradicate mankind, dishonestly and deviously.

    Imperialism created a closed power club, a ruthless imperia, from the few assholes of world macro economy. Those few who oppress the people, the small and the weak. The statistics say that if they lived all the people of the land, such as living residents in United States, in Western Europe and Japan, then the world population today should not be more than one billion which means: the remaining 4.5 billion of the world's population living as beasts of burden, homeless, destitute and slave driven by the few.

    Nuclear sided the weapons of mass distractions that are stored in the tremendous holes of earth, can today vanish the mankind from the planet eight times.

    Religiously, when the physical exercise will uplift our moral knowledge, the unnatural scholarship sinks us in the “bad demons” of the religion. If one day mankind is lost, an accomplice in this infinite destruction will be religions. (small sample of this great truth today: The Gulf War is declared as war of Arab "martyrs" against the "infidels" ).

    Phony sided the unnatural scholarship made everything fake: Plastic food, plastic children games, plastic world of escape and fantasy with tobacco, whiskey, porn, plastic fun, plastic ... surgeries.

    Totalitarianism is the doleful and unmerciful system of the outright governance of people, under the delight and the carnival of democracy. Oh great Solon, where are you to watch your democracy! The abnormal education leads the man to a global totalitarian ten times worse from the Hitler era and Stalin phenomenon. Where Marx had spoken for the autonomous unit of human resources in a common person, today the abnormal treatment leads the societies in a solid world person numbers without name and without discrimination. It is something similar to the "positrons", as the cosmologist say.

    Do you know what positron is? Positrons are the most peculiar products of mathematical calculations and equations. They participate in the structure of the material, when the universe will reach its end. After 1071 years. They will have the size of thousand billion light years. They will move in orbits around each other so slow that they will require million years to move a centimeter. Until, after 10116 years they will collapse and their particles will evaporate.

    Which moment and which action, Oh my daughter!...]