Let's Plan a Recorded Discussion on "Hard Topics In Epicurean Philosophy" or "Why Should I Care About XXX In Epicurean Philosophy"

  • On the evening of September 1 four of us from across the world had a very good discussion about Chapter 11 ("Soul, Sensation, and Mind") of DeWitt's book. In addition to that we began discuss that it would be desirable to have a special discussion focusing on some harder / application issues.

    JAWS has suggested that she might be able to help us put together a list of questions that are of concern to her. It seems like a good idea to consider a "round table" or similar format where she poses those questions and gets a series of suggested answers in response.

    We've talked for quite a while about recording such a session and editing into a format suitable for publishing on Youtube and/or as a podcast.

    I think this is an oustanding idea and I'm committed to doing my part to pull it together. Please post your comments here (and I'll crosspost this on Facebook) and we can begin to plan the details. No doubt this will take weeks and even months for us to put together, and in the meantime we can continue to hold our regular sessions as we complete the remaining chapters of DeWitt's book.

    This is a great idea and I'd love to see Hiram and elli and EricR and others who haven't been regulars on our DeWitt discussions participate as well.

    Let's talk about how we can put this together.

  • weekday evenings (in chicago) and weekends work best for me

    "Please always remember my doctrines!" - Epicurus' last words

  • Thanks Hiram. I am going to work on getting something set up. I think what would work best to start is that if we work with JAWS to set up a list of her questions and then we organize them and get her to read them and explain them, then we go around the table giving comments and responses. It will take some time to set up but would be very worthwhile.