Setting Lucretius to Music - An Example from Catullus

  • Some years ago I came across on Youtube this Latin poem "A Thousand Kisses" by Catullus sung in a catchy updated style. It has stuck with me ever since. Too bad, isn't it, that we don't have someone qualified to set some Lucretius to music like this? :-)

    [As Martin pointed out, not exactly "punk rock" as referenced on the youtube page, is it?]

    Probably of all Lucretius this passage below would be one of the most useful ones to set to music, or even just to have someone read the Latin in an engaging modern way:


    For those who prefer their "s" and "f" in a modern font, also with slight changes in the text. (note for example in the last line obteritur vs opteritur). This is Munro: