Welcome Knittymom!

  • Welcome knittymom ! When you get a chance please introduce yourself and let is know about your background in Epicurus and areas of interest. Thank you for joining us!

  • Good morning! I have been studying Stoicism for some time and started reading Epicurus last year. I find Epicureanism to be better suited to me. I am not terribly well versed yet but love reading and discussing.

    I am an atheist and do not believe in gods, spirits, souls (in the religious sense) or superstitions. Most of the time when I read about spirits, gods, souls or whatever in philosophy I like to think that they believed in those things because they lacked the scientific knowledge to know better. But that is just my opinion.... I don't disparage those who believe.

    That is probably the best I can say at the moment as I have much studying to do.... :)

  • Knittymom thank you for letting us know more about your interest. Many many people come by here after reading up on Stoicism, and like you they often conclude that Epicurus suits them better. I hope you'll enjoy your time here and that you'll free to post any comments or questions you have. No question is too simple or obvious for us to handle! ;-)