Welcome Daniel Van Orman!

  • I am a 20 year old nerdy, asocial computer science major (I am learning to make software; I aspire to be a highly educated programmer/scientist). I am attending Brigham Young University Idaho because of its high quality degree, fantastic honor code, and low cost. I was raised an hour away from Portland, Oregon and recently moved to San Diego, California because of my father's work (I miss omnipresent clouds and Seattle-like rain).

    I am a utilitarian, mainly following John Stuart Mill. While studying, I repeatedly encountered quotes from Epicurus, being cited as a wise authority on ethics. I believe most Epicurean teachings explain what I think is the core of utilitarianism: a selfless love for others based on hedonism with humility and wisdom. As I study Epicurean teachings, I find numerous aspects essential to and expanded upon in utilitarianism. To study philosophy, I searched for complete sources on any website I could find (thus how I found Epicurean Friends) and took notes while doing so. A small part of those notes become the topical guide linked above. Look there for a better understanding of my understanding of Epicurean philosophy.

    I have a highly analytical mindset, enhanced by my electrical engineer-filled family and technical education starting from an early age (ex: I have been programming since the age of seven. I finished five programming and five engineering classes before graduating high school. The list goes on.). From this, I know criticism (mainly constructive criticism) is vital for learning and improving. Please remain respectful and I will be very difficult to offend. Thank you.

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