Weekly Discussion Of Epicurean Texts

  • I think I am about to start a weekly post here (copied to Facebook too) asking for people to give their comment every week on one single passage from the Epicurean Texts. My thoughts are to:

    (1) Post the passage, starting at PD5 and continuing through the Vatican Sayings and a list of Fragments that I'll develop between now and the time we need them. I think start at PD5 since 1-4 we discuss all the time.

    (2) I will ask for comments in the thread

    (3) I will say that every Saturday night at 7:00 PM I'll be on the Discord server to discuss any that have come in on that day and gather more.

    (4) I will say that after the chat is finished I'll add the commentary to a thread under the particular doctrine or passage here at the EF Forum where it can be found in the future.

    I am thinking of that the weekly post will be something like:

    *Weekly Discussion of An Epicurean Text* - Every day we are posting one Epicurean passage for your thoughts and comments in the thread below. On Saturday night at 7:00 PM Eastern (you can appear anytime you want, but 7 Eastern will be the target time to allow maximum participation in Europe and the USA) we'll host a text/voice chat at the Discordapp server. After that we'll compile the comments and post them in the EpicureanFriends Forum under the section for the particular passage, where they can be found in the future.

    Today's passage is: PD5: "It is not possible to live pleasantly without living prudently and honorably and justly, [nor again to live a life of prudence, honor, and Justice] without living pleasantly. And the man who does not possess the pleasant life, is not living prudently and honorably and justly, [and the man who does not possess the virtuous life], cannot possibly live pleasantly." (Bailey translation).

    If you have a comment about the translation, or the content, the implications, or the applications of this passage, please post them in the thread below. Saturday at 7:00 Eastern we'll discuss them and compile and arrange them for posting in the thread on PD5 at EpicureanFriends.com.

    The links you need are:
    Discordapp.com Channel: https://discordapp.com/channel…531266/401777393230151691

    Epicureanfriends.com forum: Daily Discussion Of Epicurean Texts

  • After receiving comment I have modified this to be Weekly, with an end of week discussion on Saturday (picked at random; subject to change.)

  • Nice! I like this. I would very much enjoy a weekly communal discussion.

  • Brett what day of the week is likely to work best. Saturday? Sunday? Or a weekday?

  • On average Sunday for me would work best but maybe we rotate to give folks the chance for input.

  • Yes the more I think about it, I am thinking Sunday too. Saturday is probably worst all around; maybe Thursday would work as well.