Titus' personal outline

  • Just what appeared in my mind spontaneously.

    (1) The nature of the universe

    There is nothing foreign to me in the universe.

    Everything takes part in the process of becoming and perishing.

    (2) The nature of knowledge

    There are limits and boundaries set, within we are able to discover all knowledge we need for living a life full of pleasure.

    There is no need of special knowledge. Just trust your senses and realize that there's a deep connection between your natural faculties and the universe. Everything you know is sufficient.

    (3) The nature of how to live.

    The good is easy to get, the bad is easy to endure.

    Everything one needs is within reach.

    There is nothing to fear.

    Friendship dances around the world, bidding us all to awaken to the recognition of happiness.

  • I am open for questions and comments. I definitely will refine my outline in the future, but rather in upcoming spring (inspired by Venus ;) ) than this winter.