Kαλά εὐχαριστία!

  • "Happy Thanksgiving" (Kala eukharistia!)

    In the US today, we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. Canada celebrated their Thanksgiving holiday last month, so a belated Kαλά εὐχαριστία! to any Canadians stopping by here.

    I think of Thanksgiving as the most Epicurean of the established holidays with its emphasis on:

    • gratitude
    • the gathering together of friends and family
    • the enjoyment of food and drink on a special occasion

    So, think on these things this holiday and be grateful for this life in which we get to experience all these in addition to having the opportunity to study and practice the philosophy of the Garden.

    Carpe diem! Pluck the ripe fruit of the day!

  • Don thanks for the excellent Thanksgiving post. It was so good I decided just to copy the link to the front page here, and also to the Facebook group, rather than try to write something else myself! But the librarians out there will note that I gave proper attribution to the author so no plagiarism this time!

  • This is pretty random, but we were watching Scooby-Doo with our son earlier today. Watching it, I noticed

    - a dedication to observation and science over superstition

    - a group of friends working together

    - a perhaps overly gluttonous enjoyment of food

    - and, of course, the pleasure of laughter!


  • In light of Elli's post on FB, maybe a better title would Εὐχάριστοι γίνεσθε! (Eukharistoi ginesthe)* "Be grateful!" or paraphrased to "Give thanksgiving!" reminding us to be grateful. My original Kala eukharistia! didn't necessarily refer to the "day" of Thanksgiving (as Elli's comment did (which I greatly appreciate btw) but "joyous, happy, good thanksgiving" as an act of gratitude in which to engage. Even so, Εὐχάριστοι γίνεσθε is probably a better way to go in an ancient context.

    *The phrase comes from Colossians 3:15 just so I can get my ancient Greek correct. Don't take offense at the source. ;)