"Other faculties"

  • I wonder if this sentence was pulled from some context that makes the "other" understandable, or whether what we have is an insufficiently-perceptive translation and "other" is somehow a reference to the full spectrum of faculties constituting the canon of truth.

    I also question if there is not a more modern and therefore more accurate term for "household duties"

  • Sorry - it was hard to follow where the post originated - it is from the VS41 thread -

    We must laugh and philosophize at the same time and do our household duties and employ our other faculties, and never cease proclaiming the sayings of the true philosophy.

  • The phrase at question is καὶ τοῖς λοιποῖς οἰκειώμασι χρῆσθαι

    χρῆσθαι is simply the "make us of" part, and τοῖς λοιποῖς is "the rest, the remainder/ing". So, the crux is οἰκειώμασι.

    Here's the LSJ definition

    Henry George Liddell, Robert Scott, A Greek-English Lexicon, Ο ο, , οἴη , οἰκεί-ωμα

    The word seems to appear primarily or only in Epicurean works since VS41 and a Metrodorus quote are in LSJ. The word seems to refer to your private affairs or what advantages you have over and above your physical household goods. So, to me, a better translation is "the remaining resources" or something like that. It does not refer to "faculties" if you read that as "senses."

  • Yes I am going on what Bailey wrote and not the Greek, so that's the problem. So you're saying is that the "faculties" he has likey refers to the "resources" which is a reference to our home/work environment?

  • Yes.

    PS: Sorry. I didn't mean to be dismissive with that "Yes." The word seems to be related to the home, domestic/private affairs, etc. So, Bailey's "faculties" appears to me at least to be a misleading translation.