Happy 20th & Father's Day

  • In honor of The 20th falling on Father's Day, here's an Epicurean-flavored "dad joke"....

    Why can't you trust an atom?

    Because they make up everything. ^^

  • Can't decide if this rises to the level of a "dad joke" or just as very clever pun on Lucretius's part, but just saw this online:

    In De Rerum Natura, I.24, there's the line:

    te sociam studeo scribendis versibus esse,

    where Lucretius asks Venus to be a sociam in his writing of the poem.

    A socius is a helper, an ally, etc.

    What is the Greek translation of this Latin word?

    επίκουρος!! (Epicurus!)

    I refuse to think that's just a coincidence. Well played, Lucretius! :)

    See also https://www.jstor.org/stable/270533