Technology Initiatives And Helping Each Other With Epicurean Philosophy On The Web

  • This topic comes to mind because I've recently seen AdamSandvoid 's new website, and I told him that I admired the look and feel of the website. A&V uses the website generator PUBLII to generate that site, and it looks good on both desktop and mobile. One of its primary attractions is ease of use.

    I think it is important for our outreach goals that we encourage everyone who is motivated to create their own websites, blogs, and/or sections of existing platforms. When I set up most of my own, I used Wordpress as the content generator, but I think we are at the point where Wordpress is no longer the automatic choice, and that we ought to help each other with simpler possibilities. One of those is Publii.

    I am also aware that a lot of people today are now using static page generators such as Hugo, Jekyll, and others, often based on use of markdown-formatted documents for the raw information.

    I've concluded personally that Markdown is probably the way to go for the future, as it maximizes interoperability between different programs, and therefore makes it easier to reuse the work that each of us generates over time.

    As my first effort toward conversion of my sites (at least, most of them) from wordpress to static site format (since they rarely change over time) I plan to convert to markdown. I am probably going to use the MKDOCS system to generate the website. I think I have the basics in place to get that converted over the next week, but I see that for more sophisticated features and themes, it is necessary to edit what they call their ".yaml" configuration files. I think that is the kind of way we can help each other, not only on comparing notes on platforms, but (for those of us who are technically inclined) discuss some of the finer details.

    I will use this thread to comment as the new site goes up, and I'll post my experiences on ease of use and any questions I have that arise. Right now I think A&V may be correct that Publii is easier to use, but in looking at it I don't see that it stores the markdown files in an easily-exchangeable way, so I'll continue with Mkdocs for now. I am sure many of us will make different choices on platforms in the future so let's use the thread for technology discussions. If the issues diverge very far we can easily set up separate forums over time.

  • Cassius, I'm on mobile (chrome) and there is some issue when I try to scroll down on the home page - - for a brief moment it displays a little up arrow in the bottom right corner and scrolls a bit, then the page jumps back to the top. So I cannot read the whole page, only the first paragraphs. I was able to read a full page when I clicked on a specific chapter. Otherwise it looks good!

  • Cassius, just a quick follow up to say I looked at the site on my desktop and there is no issue so it seems to be something either with the small screen on mobile or with the mobile browser (Chrome).