Congratulations to Matt on his addition to his family

  • Matt is one of our regular participants here, but he's been preoccupied lately by adding to his family (birth of a child yesterday). Just wanted to say congratulations on adding to the world someone who will no doubt be introduced to Epicurus at an early age, and who will never have to paraphrase Torquatus later in life and say that she "will have to go on studying til old age the subjects that she ought to be ashamed not to have learnt as a child."

  • Congratulations indeed!

    DELIGHT of Humane kind, and Gods above,

    Parent of Rome; Propitious Queen of Love,

    Whose vital pow’r, Air, Earth, and Sea supplies,

    And breeds what e’r is born beneath the rowling


    For every kind, by thy prolifique might,

    Springs, and beholds the Regions of the light.

    -Lucretius, tr. John Dryden

  • Thanks all!

    I’ll be back in full force in a bit.

    The little one is doing great. Her one year old sister seems pleased with her new baby toy. 😅

  • Kind of forgot I started writing this...


    Echoes of Monadnock

    A fresh wind rises in the west

    And springs on hills and valleys dressed

    In green and gold with flowers blest,

    But through your eyes I see it best–


    In early summer, when you've grown

    We'll clamber up the ancient stone

    And make a little spot our own

    And gaze out from a starlit throne


    And as the years and seasons turn

    We'll wander back o'er moss and fern

    By little streams that fall and churn

    And hear our calling voice return


    When winter snows drift on the lea

    And waning moon sinks o'er the bay

    And all the rest has worn away–

    Come back, and hear the mountains say