Core Texts

This is a collection of the core texts here at EpicureanFriends for ease of reference. To ask a question or post a comment on any of the individual texts, please post in the appropriate subforum linked in each article.

Twelve Fundamentals of Nature

Principal Doctrines

Vatican List of Sayings of Epicurus

Biography of Epicurus By Diogenes Laertius

Letter to Herodotus

Letter to Pythocles

Letter to Menoeceus

Letter to Idomeneus

The Will of Epicurus

Lucretius   This link takes you to the Epicureanfriends wiki page where you can select from several Lucretius translations. Please post comments and questions in the Lucretius forum here.

Torquatus from "On Ends"

Velleius from "On The Nature of the Gods"

Diogenes of Oinoanda - The Inscription.  This link takes you to a page in Catalonia where the Martin Ferguson Smith translation is available.

Usener's Fragments (Anderson Version)

List of Treatises Available At and other places ( Library page)