Thoughts For An Online Discussion Format - Preparing An Outline in Real Time

  • I've been thinking about what kind of audiovisual project to do next and I think I have settled on the idea that I'd like to do an online "interview" with someone as they walk through a discussion of outlining what they see as the most important aspects of Epicurean philosophy to them. I don't think that a talking head video is the way to go, but this could be done by sharing a screen with a "mind-map" program where I talk to the person and they draw on the screen in real time the elements that they think are important into an outline and discuss them as they do it, move them around, etc.

    This of course relates to our previous outlining discussions here: Draft Your Own Personal Outline of Epicurean Philosophy

    I suggest the best guinea pig for this is Matt, being interviewed by me :)

    Can I get some feedback on whether this sounds like a workable idea, and perhaps a good online mind-map to use? I have a paid zoom account or we could use skype, but the idea would be to share the map screen and talk through the creation of a basic outline of Epicurean philosophy, of course linking the idea to the suggestion in the letter to Herodotus.

    I haven't used it but here is one that is totally free: If anyone has used something that they really like please let me know.

    OK so how about it Matt? And how about any suggestions that come to mind from others, because after we do a prototype I think this would be a good series to do with everyone else eventually too.

    But we need to do one as a prototype to test the concept.


  • We'll set this up directly Matt. Also I wrote this:

    Elli what I am thinking primarily is that this would be an oral discussion about what Epicurean philosophy means to them. The theory of organizing it would be that rather than just do a stream of consciousness reply, the person being interviewed could organize their responses under the three categories of physics, epistemology, and ethics, and draw a simple outline in a few words on the screen so that the discussion has something to see in addition to listen to. I don't envision it being necessary to draw something in great detail, more like a teacher using a blackboard to organize their presentation and give the watching class something to focus their eyes on while the discussion is going on. I am thinking that as the discussion takes place, we would end up writing (for example) a couple of items under physics, or ethics, and then part of the discussion could be comparing how important each of those are, and the person doing the outlining could shift them around during the discussion.