Maximus of Tyre, Socrates and Epicurus

  • This essay of interest popped up in my feed:…gundo_M%C3%A1ximo_de_Tiro

    From the conclusion:


    Maximus undertakes, in an Academic stance, the defence of Epicurus by letting him speak on his own behalf in an oration carefully fleshed out with a good deal of Epicurean doctrines; by means of this figure he states the case for the “other” side of the debate regarding pleasure, a fundamental one to those who want to be initiated in philosophy. Besides, at the centre of the oration, Socrates himself appears compulsively in pursuit of beauty, nonetheless able to unite pleasure and virtue. Furthermore, the source for this hedonistic Socrates were those dialogues in which he involved himself in dialectical enquiries with handsome youths for the sake of education. All things considered, Maximus has given Epicurus his due, to the point of making of Socrates an Epicurean of sorts, someone from whom much can be learnt.

    I had never heard of Maximus, but apparently he devoted a few orations to pleasure. His orations can be purchased on Amazon for a modest $900 =O. Is anyone familiar with him?