New Epicurean Twitter Account By TimRobbe!

  • Hello everyone,

    Didn't know where to put my message, so I put it here. I trust Cassius will rearange the post if necessary.

    I started a twitter account specifically for tweeting on Epicurus and Epicurean thought. I'll post in both Dutch and English. Please feel free to follow and tell others.

    Would you be so kind to send me the links to the Lucretius podcasts? I'll put them up when they are published.

    To find the account: @HEpicurus

    Kind regards,


  • TimRobbe -- I just went there to subscribe, and I did, but I do have a suggestion: That picture you have in the "banner" has that graphic of Epicurus which I think most people agree was an artist conception by someone who did not know his true appearance, so you might want to consider whether that is a version you want to use. I've always personally found that to be considerably less attractive than his real appearance, but more than personal preference, the ancient Epicureans seem to have put a lot of focus on busts of Epicurus as recruiting and communication tools, so it's probably always best to pay attention to how he looks in representations like that.

    Also, I think you're going to find that that "abundance" quote is spurious and cannot be documented to have been stated by Epicurus himself. I personally think too that it has a much more Stoic than Epicurean ring to it, so I think you might want to review pretty much every aspect of that banner. ;)

    On the other hand, the "icon" itself with the bust of Epicurus is excellent!

    I have to apologize for bringing these to your attention because I always want to be as supportive as possible to anyone who takes initiatives like you are doing. However I think that's the reason we collaborate at places like this, where we can help each other! If you find I am incorrect about the picture, or about the quote, please be sure to post back in this thread.

    Thanks again for posting and setting up the twitter feed!

  • Ha -- Absolutely a LOT of sense to argue with me, if and when I am wrong, and I can be wrong plenty often!

    The picture of Epicurus is purely personal preference, so not really a wrong or right there, but as to the quote, I definitely want you to let us know if you find a reliable source that attributes that to Epicurus. We've run up on that one before, however, so I am pretty sure it cannot be documented. The look of the banner is that it came from one of those quote accumulation websites, and those can be woefully inaccurate, even sometimes mixing Epicurus with Epictetus. I think that's whats going on here, but PLEASE let me know if you find out otherwise!

  • I know Cassius. But as a lawyer (as you are as well I believe) I know when to argue and when not to argue :)

  • LOL - Cicero was a lawyer too, and look how much he got wrong! And in the end he lost his head over it. I would like to keep mine as long as possible! :)

  • Cassius would you be interested in a short interview with me on the basics of Epicureanism for a Dutch audience? I could facilitate a Zoom call, record it and publish it on the Twitter feed. We could do a 20 minute session or so in which you explain the basics and relevance for people in everyday life. Would be nice.

  • Tim I would be happy to give that a try, with the caveat that I would like to do it audio only on my side if that works for you. Not that I am vain or shy or self-conscious but since I have not been working to promote my own "brand," I think it's move effective to let the words speak for themselves, and I think that tends to appeal to a wider audience. Audio is the way we've done all our material to this point and until the time comes to make a shift I would like to continue that format.

  • No problem. We could do audio. How do you record your podcast?
    The written q&a is the thing I would like to do in a soundrecording then. I would also like to publish it on YouTube so we can use subtitles.

  • Very good Tim. We currently use Skype for the podcast and so that is what I have installed on my computer, but I should have no problem making zoom work if you prefer that.

  • Ok! Great! I will make some arrangements and do some prep work. What time zone are you in? That will be a challenge: finding a time slot that suits us both :-). I am on GMT + 1.

  • I am on Eastern time in the US. I think your location in Europe places you about six hours ahead of me? My time is pretty flexible so that gives us time in the morning or early afternoon here to make it workable for both of us.