Buenos libros sobre la filosofia epicurea en espanol

  • Hola! Aprendo espanol y busco libros profesionales y cientificos sobre Epicuro y la filosofia epicurea en esa lengua. Pero mi busca con amazon desgraciadamente no es suficiente. Solo los libros de Alianza aparacen ser bien. Tienes recomendaciones adicionales?

  • By searching by my own I have found two very interesting editions:

    - "Leyendo Epicuro, Carta a Meneceo; Seneca, La Vida Feliz" by José Hernández Espinosa. It's a compilation for philosophy students with some brief introductory material. Reading is relatively easy. There are also questions on the text, so it helps to rethink one of the basic texts of Epicurean philosophy.

    - "El Epicureismo - una sabiduria del cuerpo, del gozo y de la amistad" by Emilio Lledó. I haven't been able to read much so far, but it seems the author is an hidden Epicurean enthusiast and advocat for the philosophy of Epicurus. The book was first published in the 80s. Some years before now, in his personal 80s, he published this secondary edition. Lledó is a well reputated award-winning Spanish philosopher and writer. The cover on its own may speak for the content of the book: a fresco from Pompeji, showing the wealth and richness of nature, probably Venus (and please remind the beginning of "On the nature of things"!).