Epicurus and Epicurean communities in the Netherlands?

  • Hello everyone,

    As you may have seen, I am from the Netherlands. I was looking for Epicurean communities or experts over here in the Netherlands, but couldn't find them. Does anyone within Epicureanfriends know of Dutch (or Dutch speaking) communities or experts? If there aren't any, well then I will have to start building my own (isn't that what Epicurus urges us to do?).

    Thanks for any tips or advice.



  • Tim if you do take any steps at all I hope you will be sure to post them here at the Forum. I think it's highly motivational for people to see others trying, and highly helpful to each other to see what techniques seem to have worked and which do not work so well. After some ten years of watching I've only seen one ongoing "success story" and that is the meetup group in Australia. I attribute that largely to the leadership of one individual, which is much to his credit, but I'm not sure whether other leaders within that community have emerged, or to what extent they have become stronger Epicureans vs just having a good time (which is of course worthwhile in itself).

  • I’m from Belgium. But my English is’nt that good… so get in contact. I’ve worked on translations of Philodemus, Greenblatt… in Dutch. Also fom other interesting people, like Johan Braeckman ( who I think is a hidden epicurist - watch his Youtube video on ‘Luiheid’.