Questions on daily routines

  • Hello everyone,

    I have the following question. I am trying to set my mind to Epicureanism. I carry the tetrapharmakos with me, have a picture of Epicurus hanging on my wall and try to meditate on the philosophy on a daily basis. I am looking for routines or habits other Epicuranists use to fully engaga in the philosophy, as Epicurus himself advises (was it Metrodorus?) to do in his letter on ethics.

    What are your routines en habits?



  • Good to hear from you Tim. I am going to look for one or more relevant links from the past where we have discussed this, but let's also discuss this again here because it's always good to revisit this subject:

    This one might be most closely on point: Practical Daily Pleasure-- Creating Pleasurable Habits

    Many of the entries in this subforum are relevant: Daily Life As An Epicurean

  • Hi Tim,

    I'm finding that, for me, following EP has become largely an attitude. But an important practice, again for me, is to regularly participate in this forum (I don't use Facebook, but that's another option). Interacting with others here is one of the best ways to deepen my understanding of the philosophy, and it takes me in directions that I would probably never go on my own. (Kudos to Cassius for maintaining this forum!) Also, listening to the Lucretius podcast in helpful in a similar regard.

    Another practice that I've recently begun to tinker with involves revisiting the personal outline (if you're not familiar with it, there's a thread on the forum). I've been compiling a list of "one-liners": short phrases or sentences that express a key element of the philosophy in my own words. Then each day I pick one at random as sort of a daily "theme." Compiling the list is a helpful method of study, the daily phrase is a way to live with one narrow aspect and let it soak in. Sometimes the daily phrase motivates me to dig deeper as well. It's kind of like principle doctrines for the short attention spans of us moderns. ;)

  • (I don't use Facebook, but that's another option).

    I would never suggest that someone who isn't already there join just for the Epicurean group ;-) already i think we have much more substantive discussion, and probably just as much "engagement" here. facebook has the "advantage" of larger numbers of "dabblers" wandering in, but that is a very mixed bag. I still check in there daily for "recruitment" by I definitely think the non-social-media platforms are the way to go.

    And yes the personal outline thread -- good catch Godfrey:

    Personal Outlines of Epicurean Philosophy

  • I know currently, for me, nothing keeps me thinking about new issues (or old ones) more that the weekly Lucretius podcast. It can seem tedious to read the book alone but thinking through and talking about the implications of "why" each passage is there really helps you keep the details in perspective.

    have a picture of Epicurus hanging on my wall and try to meditate on the philosophy on a daily basis

    That's true for me too - in my case I have little statuettes of the bust of Epicurus, plus wall pictures, in various places around my home and office.