Where Is Epicurus In The "School of Athens"?

  • What we could and should collaborate on, however, is a script for Elli to read in presenting the issues. I am up for collaborating on that. Elli have you got an initial script - your paper perhaps - that we could post somewhere (google docs) and make comments / suggestions on ? (such as suggesting the opening history of the mural and citations on each character)?

    We could frame it and make it sound like an "Unsolved Mysteries" TV show.

  • This thread is gathering such a life of its own that I am going to set up a separate forum for it. That will allow discussion to be separated out into distinct threads on Raphael, Vatican history relating to the mural, the particular portrayals of figures, etc. I moved it to "Places of Significance" but if anyone wants to suggest a better location let me know.

  • I would expect that most discussion will continue to take place in this thread and I am not specifically encouraging new posts in the new threads. However it's already almost impossible to read through this thread given its length, so I'm giving the option to future posters to write their new comments on particular figures where they may more easily be found.