Oval Graphic With Four Key Statements ("All Good And Evil Consists In Sensation")

  • Put this together this afternoon to practice with the two new line drawings of Epicurus. As always, comments welcome. My graphical abilities are abysmal but I'm constantly thinking of better ways to present the key elements in as few words as possible. The "innovation" of this one is "all good and evil consists in sensation" which is a quote from the Bailey version of the letter to Menoeceus. I'm toying with the idea that it hits one of Epicurus' key points (role of sensation) at the same time that it hits virtue and potentially even the "dialectical logic" issue. It's harder to come up with a direct quote that is very short and very pithy that deals with the "logic" issue.

    I like the idea of preparing variations of these (preferably by someone with a lot better art talent than me (that can be used on Twitter and FB and other places to circulate along with the URL of the forum to communicate the message of something like "if you think this way come join us at epicureanfriends.com

    Bailey version:

    Yonge version:

    Hicks version (he uses "imply" and "sentience"):

    Epicurus Wiki version (probably another overlay "are experienced"):

    Norman DeWitt's version from "St Paul and Epicurus" (he chooses to use "consciousness"):

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    Changed the title of the thread from “Oval With Four Key Statements” to “Oval Graphic With Four Key Statements ("All Good And Evil Consists In Sensation")”.