Virtual Archeological Tours

  • This virtual tour of the tomb of Ramesses VI turned up in my feed:

    Pharaoh Ramesses VI Tomb

    It's pretty impressive, and got me wondering if there are any such things for Epicurean sites.

    Here is one for Herculaneum:

    Herculaneum Walking Tour

    It's a YouTube video of around 90 minutes, with ads. I haven't watched it in it's entirety yet, but it's basically a guided tour of the site. Personally I prefer the 3D reconstructions as you can navigate around as you like, but this type is perhaps more educational. Anyway, if anyone is tired of Netflix this might be a pleasant diversion.

  • So I've belatedly done my due diligence, and the video is a fascinating stroll through the ancient town of Herculaneum, BUT with nary a peep about the Villa of the Papyri. There's no narration but there are captions describing many of the spaces. It's a walk through the streets, the baths, some shops and some houses. Worth a watch, just be forewarned that there's nothing about Epicurus, the scrolls or the Villa.

  • I was digging around online and it looks like the Villa is not open to the public. On the Villa's Wikipedia article's Talk page I found:


    16. May 2012: Removed touristic advice "When the Ercolano site was visited on 29th April 2012 the Villa was closed with no indication of when it would reopen." I don't think the site is open for regular visits at all. It might only be possibel to visit it by special appointments.

    Would have been nice for at least a distant peak or a mention.

    Looking forward though to watching the whole video. Even if no Villa visit, Philodemus and other Epicureans walked those streets!