"Uninspiring Responses of the Day" Thread

  • I still post on other forums as a means of identifying new people who might be interested in the more rigorous approach to Epicurus that ought to be a goal of us here. The results are not always what I like, but can be amusing, and maybe point to areas of continuing interest where we can produce new material.

    Here's my nomination for uninspiring response of the day (name deleted):

  • Unfortunately, it's no real surprise that someone would have this perspective on philosophy or "the Ancients." In our contemporary culture, Philosophy (capital P) is primarily thought of as a dry academic subject with nothing to offer everyday life. There are some who are attempting to change this, but the overall idea if you asked someone about "philosophy" would be like the person who replied to you online.

    If more people thought like Epicurus, we'd be in a better spot: A philosopher's words are empty if they do not heal the suffering of mankind. For just as medicine is useless if it does not remove sickness from the body, so philosophy is useless if it does not remove suffering from the soul.