Florida Panhandle Fires

  • I mentioned yesterday that I was feeling sheltered from ongoing events. Things have struck a little closer to home in the intervening hours.

    A dry spring and a cool North wind have created conditions perfect for forest fires in the Florida Panhandle. Several fires have started in 3 or 4 different counties, and the neighborhood I work in was under evacuation orders through the night.

    Fortunately our house is ~20 miles northeast of the blaze, and they have the closest fire nearly contained. It never did get as far as the office. A number of people have lost their homes, and the ongoing pandemic is making it difficult to shelter the dispossessed in high school gyms and the like.

    I remain unaffected, and we are back working in the field already this morning.

    Peace and Safety!

  • I think I mentioned I had a bout with mother nature too in the form of not one but two tornados, but those leave a little bit behind (most of the time) while a fire pretty much destroys everything.

    Let's see Joshua, you could apply some Lucretius and take an activist stance - whatever precautions you can against fires (Book 6: "he showed too what evils existed in mortal affairs throughout, rising up and manifoldly flying about by a natural –call it chance or force, because nature had so brought it about – and from what gates you must sally out duly to encounter each)

    Or you could take a Stoic stance and persuade yourself that whatever you lose in a fire wouldn't really be of much difference to you anyway, because all you really care about is your imperturbable mind, which can by sheer force of will dismiss any concern you might have about losing everything in a fire.

    I think I know which path I would recommend! ;-)

    Good to hear you are at least for the present safe and sound!