Happy Twentieth!

  • We've been cut to 32 hours a week where I work. I've been spending my Monday off in reading; a book called Measuring America by Scottish historian Andro Linklater. There's a chapter here on the friendship between Thomas Jefferson and the Marquis de Condorcet and it's relation to the systemitization of measures. I was delighted to find that Cassius made a post on Condorcet in 2011 on his website.

    This is the quote from the above link:


    This resemblance between the moral precepts of all systems of religion, and all sects of philosophy, would be sufficient to prove that they have a foundation independent of the dogmas of those religions, or the principles of those sects. That is, in the moral constitution of man we must seek the basis of his duties, the origin of his ideas of justice and virtue: a truth which the sect of Epicureans approached more nearly than any other; and no circumstance perhaps so much contributed to draw upon it the enmity of all classes of hypocrites….

    Happy Twentieth!

  • Happy Twentieth to you all too! I have been busy today, some on normal work, but some on Epicurus too, so I hope to soon have a new long-form article ready to go !