Article by Norman DeWitt: Epicurus, ΠϵρὶΦαντασίας (Present Impressions of the Mind)

  • Cassius

    Changed the title of the thread from “Article by Norman DeWitt on Present Impressions of the Mind” to “Article by Norman DeWitt: Epicurus, ΠϵρὶΦαντασίας (Present Impressions of the Mind)”.
  • Now THIS is what I'm talking about!! :) This is DeWitt's full erudition and scholarship on display. He makes claims and then backs them up FULLY with citations, original text excerpts, and step-by-step reasoning. I enjoyed reading this VERY much.

    My only initial hesitation was his claim that Lucretius mistranslated a certain term or concept. Uh oh, I thought. Lucretius WAS an Epicurean who understood both Greek and Latin (the latter as a first language). He knew what he wanted to say... BUT Dewitt did an excellent job of laying out why he thought Lucretius may have used the term he did in the cultural context of his time and because he was a poet.

    Now, I'm still going to hold Dewitt accountable for unsubstantiated claims he makes in EaHP, but this essay was a welcome eye-opener on the professor's ability!

    Thanks, Cassius , for posting!

  • Yep! Hold him accountable; dispute his conclusions; and follow the evidence wherever it leads. But above all, don't ignore his suggestions as if he and they never existed, which is what it seems like the contemporary consensus is determined to do. :-)