(Virtual) Garden in Sydney, Australia

  • While doing some research I came across a Meetup group that was set up to be an Epicurean Garden. They're based in Sydney, Australia and organized by two people. I've already submitted an application and sent a few welcoming and introductory messages to its head organizer.


    What we're about

    The purpose of this Group is to explore the philosophy of Epicurus through discussion and the enjoyment of the simple pleasures of life such as friendship, as originally espoused by Epicurus who lived in ancient Athens in the 4th century BCE.

    The idea for this Group arises from the desire to achieve happiness in life by applying the four basic tenets that Epicurus espoused. According to D S Hutchinson from the University of Toronto writing in the introduction to "The Epicurus Reader: Selected Writings and Testimonia: "The fundamental obstacle to happiness, says Epicurus, is anxiety.

    No matter how rich or famous you are, you won't be happy if you're anxious to be richer or more famous. No matter how good your health is, you won't be happy if you're anxious about getting sick. You can't be happy in this life if you're worried about the next life.

    You can't be happy as a human being if you're worried about being punished or victimized by powerful divine beings. But you can be happy if you believe in the four basic truths of Epicureanism: there are no divine beings which threaten us; there is no next life; what we actually need is easy to get; what makes us suffer is easy to put up with. This is the so-called 'four-part cure', the Epicurean remedy for the epidemic sickness of human anxiety; as a later Epicurean puts it, 'Don't fear god, don't worry about death; what's good is easy to get, and what's terrible is easy to endure.'

    See: Philodemus of Gadara, from a work whose title is uncertain, preserved in Herculaneum Papyrus 1005, column W, lines 10-14. ( http://www.epicurus.info/etexts/ier.html )

    Join this Group if you are interested in learning about the Philosophy of Epicurus and applying such elements of his philosophy as appeal to you in your life to obtain happiness and contentment.

    The aim is to come together on a regular basis in simple but convivial surroundings such as a garden setting to discuss, learn and enjoy.

    At our first meeting is was decided that we should meet on the second (now third) Wednesday each month at 7pm at a central location that is easy to travel to. The idea of sharing a simple meal was considered essential - to this end contributions in kind of food, wine or a nominal monetary contribution are welcome.

    “If the joys found in nature are crimes, then man’s pleasure and happiness is to be criminal.”

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